Good news for Atlanta's Fulton County residents (and the Atlanta real estate market)!

Fulton County Board of Assessors Stays Assessments at 2016 Levels

Fulton County Property Taxes are frozen at 2016 levels - great news for residents!In response to property owner's concerns, the Fulton County Board of Assessors voted unanimously Wednesday to FREEZE property assessments at 2016 levels.

Many residents saw extreme spikes in their property assessments, some increases in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These assessments had many residents worried they would be forced out of their homes due to property taxes they could not afford. The Real Estate Industry was also concerned the extreme increase in Fulton County taxes would have a detrimental impact on real estate sales.

While assessments and taxes will inevitably continue to increase, this Board decision will hopefully delay and even out the increases. For additional information please see the Atlanta Business Chronicle and Atlanta Journal-Constitution articles below.

AJC Article about Fulton County Property Taxes

Atlanta Business Chronicle article

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