Home values are rising all around town, right?

But are you in the HOTTEST Atlanta neighborhood?

Are you in one of the hottest Atlanta neighborhoods? Learn more with this report on rising home values.

Everywhere you go people are talking about Intown Atlanta homes selling like hotcakes with multiple offers and at prices we'd only dreamed of.  It's easy to see that home values are rising like crazy... but by exactly how much? We researched 16 popular Atlanta neighborhoods, from Grant Park to Brookhaven to find out how much the average home sales price rose from 2015 to 2016. Take a peek at the list below to see how quickly single family home prices are increasing... and if you are in the hottest Atlanta neighborhood! .

Comparison of Home Values by Atlanta Neighborhood

Average Sales Price :: Percentage Increase from 2015 to 2016

See how home prices are rising in Atlanta's hottest neighborhoods.

And the winner is….

Ormewood Park gets the star for having a 25% increase in average sales price!Ormewood Park takes home the gold with a 25.5% increase in the average home sales price from last year.  W-O-W!

Next on the list was Edgewood with a 20% increase and then East Atlanta (full 30316 zip code) with a 17.8% increase in home prices between 2015 and 2016.  Right behind East Atlanta was Kirkwood and Midtown (30308) with a 13.8% and 14.4% increase, respectively.

BIG CONGRATS to all of you who own homes in these super hot Atlanta neighborhoods!

For a better understanding of the average sales price by neighborhood and the percentage increase year-over year, please see the chart below and/or scroll to the bottom of this article for detailed market reports on many of the Intown Atlanta neighborhoods.

If there is an Atlanta neighborhood that we didn’t include that you would like to add in our next update, please let us know!  Also, if you are curious about your home’s current value, you can get an instant value of your home with our nifty new tool.


Average Home Sales Prices by Atlanta Neighborhood

Comparing 2015 to 2016

Brookhaven $606,513 $687,010 $80,497 13.27%
Candler Park $530,319 $557,631 $27,312 5.15%
Chamblee $319,758 $353,481 $33,723 10.55%
City of Decatur (30030) $490,650 $533,975 $43,325 8.83%
East Atlanta $238,680 $281,188 $42,508 17.81%
Edgewood $274,156 $329,056 $54,900 20.03%
Grant Park $359,356 $398,543 $39,187 10.90%
Kirkwood $335,134 $381,443 $46,309 13.82%
Inman Park $601,697 $634,171 $32,474 5.40%
Lake Claire $584,339 $569,133 -$15,206 -2.60%
Midtown (30308) $529,736 $605,995 $76,259 14.40%
Oakhurst $594,359 $640,506 $46,147 7.76%
Ormewood Park $292,024 $366,400 $74,376 25.47%
Morningside $818,776 $810,076 -$8,700 -1.06%
Reynoldstown $317,212 $355,083 $37,871 11.94%
Virginia Highland $732,989 $775,584 $42,595 5.81%
Atlanta home sales stats were extracted from the Atlanta FMLS on April 1 and interpreted by Kerry Lucasse with the Nest Atlanta Real Estate Group at eXp Realty.  Information is deemed reliable but is subject to change. .

More about this Report

When reviewing the latest Atlanta home values and real estate stats, please keep in mind that in additional to low levels of housing inventory, new construction plays a big role in the increase of neighborhood home values (i.e. the average sales price).  Also, some of the smaller Atlanta neighborhoods like Lake Claire, Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown only sell a few homes each year, so the change in the average sales price can vary dramatically from year to year. The more affordable Atlanta neighborhoods with average home prices under $350K are still in high demand…. and the prices are exploding! .

If you have questions about your Atlanta neighborhood or the current value of your home, please call us at 404-205-8800.


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